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About Sparta New Jersey

Sparta Township is ideally located among quiet hills and lakes, with an easy access to nearby Route 517, Route 15 and Route 206. If you are looking to locate your business in the beautiful district of Sparta Township, consider one of the properties in this brochure! They are amongst the best facilities that Sussex County has to offer.

We have managed property in Sparta for more than fifty years and we value a balance of maintenance, appearance and cost effectiveness. Our properties have been carefully planned, expertly built and consistently cared for. Our attention to the occupants needs is evident in lower utility bills and higher profits. For example, several available spaces feature modern, top efficiency insulation panels and ceiling fans which are specifically designed to minimize heating and cooling cost.

All buildings require occasional attention. Our tenants know that we are always available and that our team will address problems quickly and correctly. We are ready to begin a great partnership with you; call us at 1-800-323-5140 (ask for Real Estate Department) to discuss your future business with us!


Approximate distance to other major cities & locations:

  • Morristown, NJ - 25 Miles
  • Trenton, NJ - 55 Miles
  • Atlantic City, NJ - 110 Miles
  • New York City - 45 Miles
  • Newark International Airport - 50 Miles
  • La Guardia Airport - 58 Miles
  • JFK Airport - 69 Miles

Local Attractions

Approximate distance to other major cities & locations:

Crystal Springs Resort
Crystal Springs Logo

Sparta Business Center is in Close Proximity to Crystal Springs Resort

Crystal Springs Resort and Hotel Getaway features 2 Hotels, 2 Spas, 9 Dining Options, 6 Golf Courses, Sports Clubs, Horseback Riding, and Venue Rentals. Crystal Springs is perfect for weekend getaways, family trips, and romantic vacations! For more information please visit

Sky View Golf Club
Lake Mohawk Golf Club

Your Choice of Local Golf Courses

We know that sometimes business meetings with exsisting or new clients can turn into a round or two of golf. Sparta Business Center is just minutes away from almost a dozen different golf courses including: SkyView Golf Club, Lake Mohawk Golf Club, Rolling Greens Golf Club, and many more!

Mountain creek
Mountain Creek Logo

Ski Resorts & Winter Sport Opportunities

Winters in New Jersey are perfect for winter sport lovers, especially Skiers! New Jersey is home to some great Ski Resorts including Mountain Creek Resort. For More Information visit

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